3 Quick Ways To Learn Edible Lavender Sprigs

Edible Lavender Sprigs

Edible lavender sprigs are a great alternative to using an herb grinder to make edibles. Instead of using the expensive and labor-intensive method of grinding herbs, you can use your own hands, grating fresh herbs instead of buying bags or seeds that don’t have the flavor or aroma that you’re looking for. The result is a delicious and unique product that’s sure to bring a smile to any table.

Herb Grinder

Herb grinder can get very expensive if you’re purchasing herbs every week. However, by making your own, you’ll be able to purchase them in bulk at a lower price and enjoy the convenience of having an option when it comes time to store them. If you plan on selling your herbs, using this method will help ensure that you won’t have to worry about them fading away in the sun, heat or storage.

Different Edible Lavender Sprigs
Different Edible Lavender Sprigs

There are several different ways to make edible lavender sprigs. You can use them as a decorative addition to your table top or you can even make them into their own gift box.

Fresh Herbs

Start with an herb grinder, then add your herbs. You can either grind them fresh or freeze them to make them last longer, but fresh herbs are tastier and you will have more control over the herb’s flavor. After you’ve crushed them and placed them into your herb holder, you can then take them out and mix them with other herbs.

Fill a small bowl with water and add a few drops of essential oil. Add the basil or mint extract and the sprigs of the herb and shake them around for about ten seconds to coat them with oil. Let them sit for five minutes and then place them on your table top. Just like your herbs, the aroma of the oil will stay the same throughout the day and you can use the oils to add a touch of pizaz to your table.

Fill Small Containers

Another way to make your edible lavender sprigs is to use them to fill small containers. Instead of buying huge bags and seeds that will quickly fade away in the sunlight, simply squeeze the herbs inside and let them sit overnight. Once the next morning, you can pour your seeds or herbs out and replace them in their container and keep them for use on your herbs and spice rack or your table.

 Fill Your Kitchen By  Edible Lavender Sprigs
Fill Your Kitchen By Edible Lavender Sprigs

You can also use these in your kitchen by filling small jars with them and placing them on your spice rack or under the spice rack. to add a little something special to the room. They can be used as a nice garnish to any dish or you can wrap them individually for a more personal touch. They’re easy to make and they’ll have a wonderful aroma that will last long after the container is empty.

Final Verdict

Edible lavender sprigs can be made easily at home, so get started! With a little creativity, you can create an amazing gift to share with friends and family. Whether you use your own herbs, freeze them or use fresh herbs, you can enjoy the delicious flavors and aroma of fresh herbs and spices throughout your entire home.

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