Creating Your Own Infused Herbal Oil Massage

An excellent, useful diluting medium for infused herbal oils is infused liquid herbal oil; however, it’s also a good way to layer another therapeutic layer on top of your infused oil creation. In fact, infused herbal oils are really an infusion of herbal extracts into a carrier oil like the idea that tea is actually an infusion of leaves into water. The oil can be used as an all-purpose carrier oil or you can use specific infused herbs or ingredients in a specific order to create a unique therapeutic effect.

Essential Steps In Creating Infused Herbal Oil

Many people who want to create an infusing ritual, especially one that incorporates infused herbal oils have found great success in mixing specific infused oils with essential oils. These combinations can range from an aromatherapy experience that offers a sense of calm and relaxation to an invigorating and energizing experience that makes you feel like you’ve had a full workout. The best way to learn about the benefits of using infused oils and their benefits for a particular purpose is to do some research. The more you know about the nature of infused oils, the better informed you’ll be when it comes to deciding which one you want to use in the creation of a personalized ritual.

The process of creating an infused oil using essential oils involves two essential steps. The first is creating the carrier oil, which is where the healing properties of your chosen infused oils will penetrate through the skin and be able to work on your body at a deeper level. Once you have created your carrier, you can then infuse your infused herbal oil into the carrier oil in order to create a therapeutic process.

Bringing To You Several Infusing Options

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There are several ways you can infuse your infused oil with essential oils. First, you can simply infuse your infused oil into your carrier oil by placing a little bit of your desired infused oil into a tiny dropper and swirling your hands in the carrier oil to spread the infused oil evenly throughout your skin.

Second, you can also add your carrier oil to a carrier soap; however, you need to make sure the carrier soap is a good enough dilution for the skin to soak up the infused oil. The carrier soap can be used as a face wash, or it can be used for other skin care purposes, including soothing to an irritated skin. By making a carrier soap that has carrier oil in it, you are allowing the carrier soap to do the hard work for you by absorbing the essential oils and making them work through the skin without affecting the skin’s natural pH.

Homemade Herbal Oil And Infusion Techniques

Third, you can infuse your oil into an oil massage. This can be done by adding the infused oil directly to your massage oil bath, but it’s also possible to make a massage by adding the oil to essential oil baths. It may take a little bit of trial and error, but you can find the perfect balance between how much oil to include in your bath and how much oil you need to cover the entire area that needs the oil to do the job.

Fourth, you can make a massage oil by pouring about three drops of your desired infused oil into a small glass bottle filled with the oil of your choice. Make sure that the infusion is diluted with water and add a few drops to your water in order to get the desired therapeutic effect.


Finally, you can create an infusion out of essential oils by adding a handful of the essential oils to the carrier oil that you’re using for your infusion. This method works very well for aromatherapy because the aromatherapy properties of the essential oils will penetrate deep into the skin while the oil itself helps to nourish the skin and provide a soothing, healing effect on the entire body.

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