Curing Flu With Natural Cold Medicines?

Curing Flu With Natural Cold Medicines?

Flu or influenza is one of the most common respiratory illnesses that affects the nose, throat, and sometimes even the lungs. The grade of the disease can vary from a simple cold to severe cold leading to death. One of the best ways to protect our body from the flu is by natural cold medicines or by taking vaccination each year. Many a time we see people ignoring the symptoms of flu, thinking that it’s quite a common disease that can quickly be healed with time. Influenza is a contagious disease and can quickly spread so its necessary to take some prevention so that you don’t get affected by flu.

Symptoms Of Flu

How Do You Cure The Flu With Natural Cold Medicine Quickly?
How Do You Cure The Flu With Natural Cold Medicine Quickly?

There is always a confusion that flu and cold are the same things, but they both are very different things. The symptoms of both the disease appear the same but never confuse flu with a common cold.

  • Fever or slight feverish feeling
  • Cough and sore throat
  • Body and muscle pain
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Sometimes people show symptoms of vomiting.

Flu is an airborne disease and can easily be spread, so it’s essential to be very careful. Tiny droplets of the virus can easily get transferred when the infected person cough, sneeze or talk. Sometimes people even get the infection via touch also.

Natural Cold Medicines

How Do You Cure The Flu With Natural Cold Medicine Quickly?
How Do You Cure The Flu With Natural Cold Medicine Quickly?
  • Staying hydrated is one of the best remedies to treat cold as it helps loosen the congestion.
  • The best natural medicine for a cold is rest. The body needs some right amount of rest to heal.
  • Saltwater gargling will also help, and it opens the sore throat and prevents irritation from cold.
  • Drinking something warm like soup or coffee or tea can remove the congestion and is the best cold medicine.
  • Over the counter and cough medication can do wonders and can act as a pain reliever, but it’s always preferable to deal with the flu without any medication.
  • Steam baths are a blessing in disguise when a person is suffering from the flu. The steam opens up the pores and the blocks in the body.
  • Generally, the air in our room feels dry when we are suffering from cold so to help ease congestion and cough; we can use mist humidifier.
  • Sucking lozenges can be great to moisten the scratchy throat. It can also help to relax the throat from constant coughing.
  • Saline nasal drops and sprays are significant and are readily available everywhere. These sprays are great to unblock our nostrils. These saline nasal sprays are even safe for adults. These are some of the natural cold medicines that can protect us from cold.

Remedies To Avoid For Cold

  • We see a lot of people taking antibiotics to treat the flu; this is a widespread mistake that everyone does. People think that if they take medicine, they will get better, but in reality, the antibiotics contribute to aggregate the disease. Our body becomes antibiotic resistance which later won’t allow any other medicine to work. Sometimes eating antibiotics can lead to congestion of mucus in the throat.
  • Over the counter cold and cough medication is excellent for adults, but this isn’t good for young children as it will have a lot of side effects.
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