DIY Herbal Essentials Face Mask At Home

Herbal Essentials Face Mask

Herbal essentials face mask are always a special treat to our skincare routine. They are full of natural ingredients, and we know exactly what we are putting on our skin.

Further, masks help us relax, kick back, and allow our skin to soak in the goodness of natural ingredients. Moreover, depending on the elements, they can draw out impurities, brighten your skin tone, or help diminish wrinkles’ appearance.

Ingredients Required

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One teaspoon of dried calendula flowers.

One teaspoon of dried white willow bark.

Dried arnica flowers.

Aloe vera powder or aloe vera juice.

One tablespoon of French green clay.

A tablespoon of bentonite or white kaolin clay.

Two tablespoons of zinc oxide.

The Preparation

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To prepare the herbal essentials, a face mask blends the herbs in a grinder. Once all these ingredients grind into a powder form, tap them through a sieve to remove any more massive parts of botanical matter. Further, keep the powder and discard any more extensive amounts of the herbs.

Furthermore, blend aloe vera powder, clay, and zinc oxide in the mixer too. Then mix all the ingredients. Thus, your face mask is ready with all the natural ingredients and free from any chemicals or parabens.

It is quite simple to make, and you can store it for about three months in a dry, cool place.

Also, know that if you don’t have aloe vera powder with you, use aloe vera juice only when you will apply this mix on your face. Ensure to use fresh aloe vera juice only.

The Usage

We recommend that you apply this mask before bed. Now, to use this mixture, combine three teaspoons of this mix with warm water. Spread it evenly on your face and neck. Further, keep it till the time the mask does not get dried up. Then rinse it off with some water or wipe it with a damp cloth.

After removing this mask, apply some argan oil on your skin to nourish it. You will see the freshness and glow in your skin in the morning.

Additional Information

Calendula and arnica are highly known for their healing properties. Further, they are great at treating acne, pimples, and zits. White willow bark is a natural source of salicylic acid and is a natural anti-inflammatory, making it an anti-acne favorite.

Then aloe vera is used for its anti-bacterial and hydration properties. It even helps in dealing with wrinkles, fine lines, and tanning.


Now, herbal face masks are damn easy to prepare at home. Further, you can customize them in your way. And use the ingredients that your skin requires and get all the benefits from them. Other than this, they are cheaper to make and also free from any harmful chemicals. And we cannot deny that these masks tend to give a real spa-like feel at home. Moreover, they make our skin healthy and do not ripe away our skin’s natural oils as commercial products do.

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