Economic Plants Of Laspur Valley Chitral, Pakistan

Economic Plants of Laspur Valley Chitral, Pakistan

People living in the Laspur Valley of Chitral in Pakistan have always made use of economic plants and also resources for human and animal food and medicine. They have also used these plants for vegetable, housing, condiment, timber, ornamental and fuel purposes. The valley boasts of a large number of medicinal plant families and species used for varied purposes. These include species like Ranunculaceae, Brassicaceae, Asteraceae, Caryophyllaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Chenopodiaceae, and also Grossulariaceae.

Economic Plants Of Laspur Valley Chitral, Pakistan
Economic Plants Of Laspur Valley Chitral, Pakistan

Economic Plants In Laspur Valley: What To Know

Animals generally feed on different dicot plants and grass species. People in the Laspur Valley depend on various economic plants for treating different diseases. These plants have formed the basis behind the establishment of several therapy systems, as well. Even in these modern times, traditional medicine systems such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, and Sidda go a long way in delivering essential health advantages to people across the world.

Treating diseases with the use of medicinal plants is a practice dating back to 5000 years. Many species of such plants were present in Mallam Jabba. Folks from the Swat district indulge in collecting these plants during different seasons. They also sell the same in the native markets for making good money. In Mastuj, you will find Juniperus excelsa, which is generally a good quality wood plant.

Reports published about the use of such plants put down that the poor people of the Hattar region of Haripur district favor medicines derived from these plants. It is mainly because of their low rates. Also, it is an integral part of their social and cultural values. Others depend on these plants for different regular necessities. Approximately 20 000 economical plants are used across the world.

Introduction To Laspur Valley And Its Economic Plants

Laspur Valley is a beautiful location at Chitral in Pakistan. It consists of six villages, namely Sor-Laspur, Balim, Broke, Gasht, Raman, and also Harchin. The valley is around 125 kilometers from Chitral. Moreover, its population is approximately 10, 000 individuals living in 1500 homes. People living in this part of Pakistan are fond of popular and sweet music in a native language known as Khowar. Grains, milk, and also meat are foods loved by the people. Geographically, Laspur is an entirely isolated region with harsh weather.

Hence, the researchers conducted a study on different economic plants found in this part of Pakistan for the sampling procedure. Here, only those individuals were chosen who had a clear understanding of the influence and effect of industrial and medicinal plants. They followed different methods in regards to collecting plant material, shade, identification preservation, and also drying. They organized the plants alphabetically by local names, ethnobotanical uses, and also family names.

Economic Plants Of Laspur Valley Chitral, Pakistan
Economic Plants Of Laspur Valley Chitral, Pakistan


The study laid down a total of 212 industrial plants coming from 55 families. These plants are excellent ingredients for ethnomedicinal and also ethnobotanical use. Amongst these, 32 species were shrubs, 157 were herbs, and 23 were perfect trees. During the study, the researchers evaluated that several species like Ferula narthex, Juniperus excelsa, Betula utilis, and Heracleum maximum are widely exploited for varied uses.

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