Effects On Daily Ginger Consumption On Platelet Aggregation

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Platelet Aggregation is one of the issues with occurs in the blood. The term might give you a false notion. However, the word means, when platelets clump up, the term platelet aggregation finds its application here. 

However, some food items help with avoiding the situation. We might unknowingly eat some items. That might lead to this platelet aggregate situation. However, the antidote to such a problem is also present in the food we ate. We just to know what and which acts the best. Ginger, for instance, possess some impact on this aggregation problem. Let us know-how. 

Effects On Daily Ginger Consumption On Platelet Aggregation
Effects On Daily Ginger Consumption On Platelet Aggregation

Let Us Know The Impact Of Ginger In Platelet Aggregation

Ginger is a well-known herb. It helps the human body to fight against any sickness. For instance, when we suffer from cold, ginger acts as a homemade remedy. However, the daily consumption of ginger might have some impact on the body as well. We might keep on taking ginger to have a healthy life. However, it might have some significant impact on the body. 

The ginger, along with the paradol, shows some significant effect on the platelet aggregation. However, may recent and in-depth research exhibits that they significantly reduce the platelet aggregation. But still, the impact becomes neutral with the heterogeneity of the usages. For instance, the variant of methods implemented along with the ginger formulation made the impact minimal. However, the primary purpose of this ginger consumption was to evaluate how much is ginger consumption good. Well, the evaluation gets based on_health. 

Some methods got an application in this experiment to verify.therefore; around 40 total participants got involved in this experiment. However, the ratio of the male to female gender received randomization. The participants got to drink daily ginger tea 4 gm once daily. However, the timing can become twice daily s well. The main result got evaluated on platelet aggregation. Therefore the assessment began at the baseline. And on the 5th day, the participant took agonist Adenosine Disphosphonate, Arachidonic Acid, collagen Risticetin along with Epinephrine. However, the participant took all these after taking the ginger tea. 

After that, the result of this experiment came out. Results that came out got based on blood count then platelet aggregation, and platelet morphology. This experiment got evaluated at the baseline range. Moreover, the statistical result made no significant difference between the participant. 

Effects On Daily Ginger Consumption On Platelet Aggregation
Effects On Daily Ginger Consumption On Platelet Aggregation

Result From The Experiment

The ultimate result was that there was a significant reduction in platelet aggregation. Well, this was the speculation all along. However, the consumption of Epinephrine did show some reduction in platelet aggregation. The female gender, however, showed a noticeable reduction than the male gender. 

Therefore ultimately, we can conclude that ginger possesses some impact on platelet_aggregation.if the ginger intake daily is around 4 gm, and after that, in taking the epinephrine only made the impact go neutral. However, even when the doses increased to two times a day, no changes got observed. And the Platelet_aggregation was high in the gender female with the intake of Arachidonic Acid only. 

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