Farmasi Review Of Some Beauty Products

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We are past the age where you need to count on specific beauty companies. Many new makeup beauty brands now exist. One such brand is Farmasi, which has been in existence for more than 60 years. They have produced a host of beauty products claimed to be of quality and also cheap. But are they so? The answers lie in this post. We did a Farmasi product review just for you.

Farmasi CC Cream

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This one is fantastic. The coverage is excellent, and it feels incredibly light on the skin. Because the coverage is buildable, only utilize as much as you require. It also has color-correcting characteristics that balance out your skin tone and hide blemishes while erasing redness. You really must have this in your makeup collection! 

If you have an oily complexion, try their BB cream, which has a semi-matte texture (but is equally phenomenal). This palette includes a contouring bronzer, a highlighter, and a lovely blush. Having three incredible items in one sleek palette is incredible.

Farmasi Contour Stick

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If the 3 in 1 isn’t for you, the contour stick is a must-try. The cream nature of the stick allows for a seamless, blendable application for shaping out those cheekbones.

Farmasi Creme Pot Shadows

You really can’t go wrong with any of these seven eye-catching hues. They’re insanely pigmented and don’t wrinkle or smear. Plus, because of their creamy smoothness, they’re really simple to apply.

Farmasi Concealer

This product has gotten a lot of attention, and it’s wonderful. This concealer’s color-correcting characteristics make it ideal for concealing redness, dark undereye bags, and blemishes. The light formula mixes beautifully and is easy to apply.

The Farmasi Concealer is a liquid concealer that dries powdery matte.

Farmasi Liquid Matte Lipsticks

These great liquid lipsticks are silky smooth and have excellent lasting power (we are talking nearly all-day wear with minimal touch-ups). They come in Red Love, Brave, Wild Rose, and Mauve Pink colors.

Farmasi Eyeshadow Palettes

All the palettes in this line are so lovely! The possibilities are unlimited, with three lovely palettes, including a total of 42 extremely pigmented, incredibly blendable colors!

Zen Mascara

This mascara is incredible. It does a fantastic job of lengthening your lashes, and the silicone brush separates each lash for a defined look. It also has Vitamin E in it, which helps to nourish and condition lashes. And, guess what? It’s also cheap.


Beauty brand Farmasi has been in existence for more than 60 years. They have produced a host of beauty products claimed to be of quality and also cheap. But are they so? We did a Farmasi review of some of their beauty products just for you.

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