Gardening And Medicinal Plant Care – 5 Great Tips For Gardening That All Types Of Plants Need

types of medicinal plants

While the medicinal plant and the TM systems have greatly contributed to the evolution of health, financial, environmental and quality of life of all mankind, it still needs to be improved through timely attention on the following: Assessing the impact of current harvest practices on the types of medicinal plants. This will help us to determine whether the use of these plants in our lives is sustainable or not. There are three main issues we should concern ourselves with in this regard:

Medicinal Plant Care

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Harvesting Practices

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Harvesting practices must ensure that the usage of the medicinal plant is consistent. This means that farmers must not harvest plants at different times of their maturity and harvest them in a different manner. This will ensure that all plants are harvested in their natural phase of growth.

Medicinal Plants Growth

The growing of medicinal plants must be done according to an exact schedule. This is a very important issue for farmers as well as the consumers. By following an exact time frame for harvesting, there will be less crop wastage. Farmers must be careful about the type of crops they are growing because it has a great impact on the quality of their harvests.

According To Per Schedules

As per the growing and harvesting schedules of the medicinal plant, the use of pesticides must be strictly prohibited. Chemical pesticides have an adverse impact on the health of both humans and animals and thus they must be strictly prohibited from using them during the cultivation of medicinal plants. The use of chemical pesticides will further harm the environment as well as the health of all the humans and animals.

The harvest of the medicinal plant should not affect the soil in any way. If the soil is damaged, the quality of the soil is damaged as well; hence this is also prohibited by the use of chemicals.

Harvesting Process

The harvesting process of the plants must be performed in an environmentally friendly manner. The harvesting must not take place in an unnatural environment, which will cause damage to our planet’s ecosystem. This means that farmers must not use chemicals and must follow all regulations regarding the use of chemicals for the efficient cultivation of the plants.

The harvesting process of the plants must be done according to a defined time frame. In the case of medicinal plants, the harvesting process must be done within six to twelve months of being planted.

Harvesting must also be done carefully. Harvesting must be done in a manner which does not damage the plants and their surroundings in any way. This is to prevent further damage being done to them and the environment.

Harvesting of medicinal plants must be done in a manner which does not cause any kind of pollution. Any kind of pollution caused by the harvesting process will be very damaging to both the environment and the plants. These are the various aspects of harvesting which have to be followed carefully.


Harvesting of medicinal plants must be done in such a manner that the plants do not require pesticides and herbicides for the crops. These chemicals and herbicides will be harmful to the plants.

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