Goldenseal: How Does It Work?

Goldenseal: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The Goldenseal referred to as an orange root, is a herb mainly native to Canada and the United States. It has single white flowers with palm-shaped leaves surrounding them. This white flower later transforms into a red berry that contains nearly ten seeds. Although found in the forests east of Mississippi even today, human activity plays a part in the dramatic reduction of its abundance. The medicinal plant Goldenseal is a super medicinal plant that supposedly cures ailments ranging from toenail fungal infections to pancreatic cancer.

Goldenseal: What Is It and How Does It Work?
Goldenseal: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Treatment For Ailments: Goldenseal

During the colonization of the Americas by the Europeans, Goldenseal was extensively used as a medicine. Indigenous tribes used it as an eyewash.

American medical texts of that period indicate that cancer and mouth ailments used Goldenseal in treatment procedures. Another use of it was and still is as a coloring material. In today’s world, this medicinal plant cures or eases a vast number of symptoms, according to studies and research. It helps with respiratory problems, colds, diarrhea, pneumonia, etc. Goldenseal also helps in curing most of the digestive ailments and bladder infections. The herb also eases eye infections. At consumption with other herbs and medicines, it increases the effectiveness of the same.

Goldenseal: How does it work?

Goldenseal consists of the alkaloid berberine. Berberine is the secret weapon of Goldenseal. This chemical compound is proven to have antibacterial effects on the body. Initially, berberine was an anti-diabetic agent. However, after a study in 2014, it indicated antibacterial and antifungal benefits. It also helps lower cholesterol as studied on rats.

Gastrointestinal problems and digestive issues are greatly relieved by Goldenseal. The bacterium E.Coli causes urinal tract infections and diarrhea. Goldenseal’s berberine is proven to be highly effective against this bacteria. It’s antifungal and antibacterial properties helps in curing many skin infections and ailments.  Chinese folk medicine used Berberine to treat digestive tract issues and also for oral diseases. Usually, we dry and crush Goldenseal root to a powder. We then sell it in capsules for internal use. People also market it as creams and tincture solutions, for the treatment of skin and mouth ailments, respectively.

Goldenseal: What Is It and How Does It Work?
Goldenseal: What Is It and How Does It Work?


Goldenseal, found in the banks of the Mississippi, is a medicinal plant containing berberine. Although there are studies that show the reduction of the symptoms, ailments haven’t been entirely cured by it. It is best to have the doctor’s prescription before the intake of any medicinal substance. Excess consumption of the herb can result in the body unable to absorb Vitamin B. It can be toxic and can lead to a person’s death. This herb should not be recommended for pregnant and nursing women, and the dosage is not precise for children. There is no scientific proof that The medicinal plant cures the respective ailments. However, this plant allegedly relieves such ailments for the short term. Therefore, it is harmless in moderate doses, but in excess can have devastating effects on the body.

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