Herbal Medicine: Clinical And Research Issues

Herbal Medicine: Clinical And Research Issues

Herbal medicine is gaining popularity worldwide. Herbs are the essential requirement of these medicines. These medicines can be as powder, tablets, extracts, teas or fresh or dried plants.

The herbal medicine is the closest ‘natural’ medicine one can get in this globalization time.

Herbal Medicine Have Differences In Their Traditional And Scientific Uses

Herbal Medicine: Clinical And Research Issues
Herbal Medicine: Clinical And Research Issues
  • We can use the entire plant or plant parts with different indicators. Such as grind and juices or pills. But we can properly extract the plant and prepare pharmaceutical medicines with it.
  • We can use more than one plant or plant parts to mix and grind together. We can use the purified and standard composition with a chemical balance.
  • Herbal medicines are safe and have no side effect whats so ever is believed. But that’s not entirely true. But it is not entirely true as scientific studies have shown that there are some possible side effects of these medicines.

Traditional Herbalism In European Culture.

The traditional medicine system was the primary medicine system for many countries for many years. Then the other medicines took place. Widespread use of herbal medicine may seem safe but it is not good to rely entirely on this method. Sometimes treatment by herbal medicines contain active principles of low or very low concentrations or even rely on many other magical factors like sun moons power etc.

Herbal Medicine Have Some Well-Known Effectiveness

Herbal Medicine: Clinical And Research Issues
Herbal Medicine: Clinical And Research Issues

The factor that should be remembered before using any herbal treatment is the knowledge and practical abilities of these medicines. Let’s look at some of the herbal products and how they work as medicines. And what is its actual effect?


We can use Bergamot traditionally as a disinfectant or healer. But scientifically it can cause cancer as it’s a photosensitizer.

Chaste Tree:

Chaste tree can treat anxiety and sexual sedative.


It acts as a cough medicine in the herbal method of treatment. But it actually is hepatotoxic and has many mutagenic effects.


We can use Garlic was to treat influenza and diarrhea. But scientifically Garlic is a platelet antiaggregant.  

Most of the herbal medicines are good for health.


We can use Marigold for treating liver ulcers and depurative gastric ulcers and dysmenorrhea. Another use of it is as a healer.

St. john’s wort: We can use St. John’s wort in the treatment of burns, gastritis. But scientific studies have shown that we can use it as an antidepressant.

To use herbal medicine, one should first buy products from a reliable source.  Always tell the health care officer if you are taking any medicines that are herbal.

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