Herbs And Spices With Medicinal Properties


Herbs And Spices are a key ingredient in the world of cooking. They add flavour and also impart a unique smell to the food you cook. The addition of herbs, spices, and other ingredients can enhance the taste and fragrance of your favourite dishes.

There are different types of herbs, spices, and its use depending on the preparation required for the dish. It is always essential to know the type of herb used to prepare the recipe. Knowledge about herbs & spices can also help you choose the right type of ingredients to avoid future mishaps.

Herbs And Spices With Medicinal Properties
Herbs And Spices With Medicinal Properties

Varieties Of Herbs

Herbs come in many different varieties. They include herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil, cilantro, mint, etc. They have different meanings, and their usefulness varies according to usage. They can either be used to enhance the taste or aroma of a dish.

Benefit To Health 

Herbs & Spices also serve as preservatives in some of the recipes. Some are there to add flavour to a dish, while others are there to prevent spoilage of the food. Since the use of spicy ingredients in cooking depends on the kind of food that will be cooking, knowing the type of herbs to use to make your dish can be helpful.

Uses Can Be Dry Or Powdery Form

Herbs & Spices can either be dry or powdered. When dry, they are effortless to use, while in the case of powdered, it is preferable to add in a liquid before using in the cooking process. There are different kinds of herbs available in the market. Some are grown in tropical areas, some are native to the regions where the herbs are harvested. You will also find that the herbs get import from different parts of the world.

Herbs And Spices With Medicinal Properties
Herbs And Spices With Medicinal Properties

Properties Of Herbs And Spices

Herbs have cultivation for its aromatic and medicinal properties. Fresh herbs are recommended for current usage, while dried herbs are generally stored in airtight containers and preserved for some time. After the herbs have their preservation, they are readily available for sale.

Tips To Follow

Herbs and Spices can also get dry in the sun. This method is helpful to the herbs to retain their natural flavour and aroma. These herbs can also get dry in a dehydrator machine. Some spices have their use in different ways.

For example, you can use Oregano in a variety of ways. You can use it as sprinkling on the top of a chicken or add to a pasta dish. Thyme has its use in pesto, salad dressing, bouquet garni, and even used as a garnish. Besides these, parsley, sage, dill, tarragon, bay leaf, chervil, and Rosemary also have their use in different ways.

The use of the Spice varies depending on the purpose and recipe. For example, Ginger has its frequent use in Chinese cuisine. The Indian culture makes use of Turmeric, an antioxidant used in the treatment of various gastrointestinal disorders.

Herbs And Spices With Medicinal Properties
Herbs And Spices With Medicinal Properties


The benefits of adding ingredients to your cooking are evident in the numerous combinations. It is always better to know the composition of the ingredients, and the spices together before using them.


Dried herbs and spices can have its use in many homemade dishes. These recipes are available in different restaurants, the market, and can be ordered online. A wide variety of herbs & spices are available in various types of formulae, mixtures, blends, seeds, bulk granules, and tablets.

The popularity of the products is increasing due to the varied uses of the products. Researching the benefits of these products is an excellent way to prevent allergies and skin problems.

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