How to Benefit From Herbal Medicines

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India is fast becoming a hot destination for people who seek medicinal value of various kinds of plants with medicinal value. The country has an abundance of climate conditions that suit the needs of different kind of plants and hence growing of different medicinal plants like medicinal herbs is a flourishing business. This has made India a major tourist hub, where people can visit different gardens to relax, rejuvenate and take some time out from their hectic lifestyle. With increasing tourism, there has been an upward trend in the demand of botanical gardens and nurseries as well as green house. These nurseries and green houses provide medicinal plants of all kinds, ranging from medicinal tea and spice to many other plants.

An Overview

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Ayurvedic and herbal gardens have seen a rise in visitors in recent years. Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of alternative medicines, is gaining popularity across the world as it is highly beneficial and effective. It treats almost all diseases and ailments, using natural botanical ingredients, conventional therapies and modern methods. The demand for Ayurvedic and herbal gardens is high in countries that are facing problems with common communicable diseases. For example, Kerala, which has a thriving tourism industry, has been a hub for Ayurvedic gardens.

In India, too, traditional medicine gardens have seen a steady rise in visitors, both for healing and for shopping. The best part about Ayurveda is that it treats almost all types of diseases and conditions from the roots and stems, and leaves. Unlike other alternative medicines, Ayurveda does not have any side effects. For instance, a patient seeking treatment for hemorrhoids would first visit a homeopathic medicine garden to choose a remedy that would heal the condition. Later, the remedy would be administered through a manual technique called “Nadkarni”. This manual technique enables the doctor to make the best treatment schedule for a specific ailment and also assess the effectiveness of other treatments together.

Benefits Of Herbal Medicines

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As a result, Ayurvedic and home remedies have seen widespread popularity in southern parts of India where most of the people are suffering from various ailments, from rheumatism and cough to allergies and skin diseases. Thulasi is one such home remedy that is very popular in Kerala. Home-grown thulasi is dried and sold to the community as a health product.

The plant is native to Southern India but is now grown throughout the world due to its medicinal value. The tree grows to about a foot tall and has a bushy aromatic foliage. Its flowers are red and appear pretty during the spring time. Although it does not have a sweet taste, when you chew the leaves it gives a pungent and tasty taste which is used to treat several ailments.

Some of the medicinal plants are found very useful in curing acute infectious diseases such as measles, rubella and herpes. Poys tree (Rheum officinale), a member of the mint family, is useful in curing some types of chronic infectious diseases. Other valuable components of these plants include purslane, annatto, fibre, caffeine, etc. All of these compounds are very useful in improving the immune system of the body.

A few decades ago, ginger plant was extensively used for its therapeutic value. Research has revealed that this herb possesses anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that are very useful in curing bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Other home remedies made from ginger include cakes, juices, teas and capsules. It is advisable that you use only certified organic ingredients when preparing home remedies. Using non-organic compounds can have serious side effects on your body.

In The End

The phytochemicals contained by different herbal medicines have proved to be effective in improving the immune system of the body. These phytochemicals help to maintain the balance of sugar levels in the blood and regulate blood glucose level. Research has also revealed that some plants with medicinal values contain a variety of powerful antioxidants. This means that by consuming these plants, you can protect your body against chronic diseases and health disorders.

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