How To Make An Herbal Infused Coconut Oil

herbal infused coconut oil

Coconut oil has become extremely popular in recent years as people are realizing the many health benefits that come with using this saturated fat. In particular, the oil has been shown to help fight off many types of infection and is an excellent source of vitamin E. All of these things lead many people to seek out the herbal variety of this product when shopping for cooking and bath products. There are two main ways to make this kind of oil. You can either make it from scratch using ingredients that you probably already have in your home or you can buy it in a convenient container.

The easiest way to make herbal infused coconut oil is to make a glass jar or pot by filling with water about two inches deep and then placing in about one teaspoon of each essential oil (you can use more or less depending on your preferred scent). Once you have placed in all of your oils, allow them to steep for about fifteen minutes so that they begin to blend. Then you simply add in some boiling water and let this simmer for about twenty minutes, turning the heat down every so often to avoid burning.

Desired Fragrance

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Since most essential oils lose their aroma and flavor over time, it might take some time to get the desired fragrance from the mixture. That’s why it’s important to keep a bottle of lavender oil in your kitchen for just such a scenario. After about forty days of keeping your mixture in a glass jar or pot, you should notice a definite improvement in the fragrance. If you’re not sure if the herbal infused coconut oil will work for you or not, you can always purchase a small bottle of lavender oil for testing purposes. It really won’t cost much, and you know that you have a sample to test!

If you’re using one of the kits that include a double boiler, you’re going to need to simmer your oils for a longer period of time. This is because double boilers are designed to bring oils to a gentle boil. This isn’t the same as a stovetop or microwave range which will heat oils quickly and burn them. Double Boilers are specially designed to bring the essential oils to a gentle boil which only causes them to evaporate. The vapor is collected by a small collection cup and can later be used for making bath foam.

Combination Of All Three Oils

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After your herbal infused coconut oil has been in your bottles for forty days, you’re ready to make another trip to the store. This time you’ll want to buy a combination of all three oils mentioned above, along with a generous amount of quality beeswax. You can use the beeswax and lavender oil in conjunction with the essential oils, or you can use them entirely separate.

Use a double boiler to combine all of your ingredients together. Allow this mixture to boil for an hour and then carefully whisk in your essential oils. Strain out your mixture and pour it into small jars. Store these in your refrigerator for two weeks, then use a small drop testing kit to determine if your herbal oils are mixed correctly. You should not have to make another trip to the store unless you plan to change your essential oils once they’ve been sitting for two weeks.

Herbal Purees

Once you’ve gotten your herbs fresh herbs to start using, there are a few things you can do with them besides use them in your recipe. In fact, some folks like to make an oil that goes into potpourri. These are called herbal purees, and they’re made with dried herbs and vegetable peelings. The process is similar to making a natural puree; you simply have to take fresh herbs, cut them up finely, and then add the other ingredients.

Herbs such as fresh basil can be used whole, while others may need to be chopped up finely, as the larger pieces tend to produce a more intense flavor. When making your own herb purees, keep in mind that you can cut or chop up any kind of herb, but many people prefer the flavor of dried herbs over fresh.


To use your own homemade infusion method, simply mix together your dried herbs and vegetable peelings and then slowly heat them over medium-high heat. Keep stirring constantly until fragrant oils begin to spill from the vats, then quickly turn the heat down to low and cover the container for about thirty minutes. During this time, the oils will continue to slowly evaporate and the mixture will thicken. With this method, you’ll have an easy to make, delicious tea that’s both nutritious and good for you.

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