How To Treat Gout The Natural Way

Some Good Natural Remedies For Gout

Gout can be defined as a form of arthritis. The pain caused due to gout is similar to that witnessed in osteoarthritis. Gout is often caused due to the high level of uric acid building up in the blood. This increased uric acid then gets fixed in the joints leading to inflammation of the muscles and severe pain. Though there are some effective medicines available, but you even try some good natural remedies for gout.

Effective Natural Remedies For Gout

As per experts, there are some natural remedies around us which can help in reducing the gout pain. These natural remedies have been tried and tested and thus can be used without any fear. Moreover, the best aspect of these natural remedies for gout is that they do not have any side effects on the body. Let us read in detail about these remedies.

Some Good Natural Remedies For Gout
Some Good Natural Remedies For Gout


Magnesium is a readily available dietary mineral. Moreover, it I known to reduce the pain related to gout. The reason is that deficiency of magnesium can have a bad effect on the chronic pain. The deficiency may simply worsen the stress being put on the human body due to inflammation. In fact, as per a study of year 2015, proper magnesium levels in the body were linked to a healthy level of uric acid in the body. You can take magnesium tablets or can include magnesium rich food in your diet.


Some Good Natural Remedies For Gout
Some Good Natural Remedies For Gout

Cherries are also counted among the most effective of available natural remedies for gout. As per a recent study, cherries in any form, sweet, red, or sour, or in the form of a juice can reduce the gout pain. Moreover, cherries can also help in prevention of the gout attacks. In addition, experts recommend consuming atleast three servings of any form of cherry over a period of two days.


Ginger’s abilities to reduce gout are actually well documented. As per studies, topical ginger can effectively reduce gout related pain. Another study worked on the effectiveness of ginger on reducing the serum uric acid. However, it is always advisable to consult an expert on the amount of ginger to be consumed.


Celery is also a perfect food known for its remedial properties related to gout. In fact, the seeds and extract of the celery have become quite popular. However, studies have not been able to identify the exact amount of celery needed to reduce the inflammation. Eating raw celery is known to have more positive effects on gout pain.


Dandelion is a popular natural ingredient used for improving kidney and liver health. Moreover, Dandelion has been known to effectively reduce the uric acid levels in patients, especially, who are at a risk of kidney injury. However, these tests were done on rats and thus dandelion’s effect on humans is unknown. You can always consume dandelion tea, a supplement, or an extract.


Hibiscus is a flower which is often used as a natural remedy for gout pain. Though its effects on gout pain is uncertain as the studies were only performed on rats. You can consume hibiscus as a tea, supplement, or its extract.

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