Kratom Medicinal Products: Are These Safe?

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Kratom is an evergreen tropical plant that belongs to the coffee family. The plant can be found in Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and many South Asian countries. Leaves of the plant have been used as a sedative and stimulant since ages. You can also use it for digestive purposes, relieve chronic pain, and also save someone from their dependence on opium. It is one of the plants that is legal in the US but in Malaysia, Thailand, and many other European countries it is not legal. 

In the US, this is marketed as an alternative treatment drug. There are many supplements and alternative medicines that you will find this plant in. Not many clinical trials have taken place to point out the actual effects of this plant on health. This is all you need to know about Kratom medicinal products and their uses. You will get all the knowledge that you need about Kratom medicinal products. 

How To Use It?

At low doses, this plant acts as a stimulant and people have used it in the same manner. At higher doses, the plant is used as a sedative and it makes people feel euphoric. The active ingredients of this plant have pain relieving properties, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxing effects. The leaves of this plant are dried and are crushed and powdered for use. There are many kratom powders that you can buy if you want to use this plant. Some of these powders also have extracts  from other plants as well. It is available in paste, tablet, and capsule form as well so you can choose the way that you want to take it. Mostly it is brewed as tea and you can drink it in this way to get the benefits of the plant.

What Is The Controversy? 

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Kratom has not been studied in-depth so it is not recommended for medicinal purposes. It is important that any plant is studied thoroughly before you develop a new drug. Researchers need to know about the harmful effects of the drugs and their interaction with other drugs as well.  Kratom has strong effects on the body that need to be studied before it is used in mainstream medicinal production. Also, the production of this plant does not come under regulation which is very important. Thus, it does not come under FDA guidelines so it does not check the purity and efficacy of the drug.

Side Effects

There are some known side effects of the plant that you must know. One of the side effects is constipation and lack of appetite which may not be good for your body. You might experience insomnia and excessive weight loss. So before you take this drug you need to research thoroughly so that you are sure that it is not harming your body.


These are all that you need to know about Kratom medicinal products and it is important that you have all the information if you plan to take the medicines. Kratom is a plant that has not been studied in-depth so it is not advisable to take this without the advice and recommendation of a doctor.

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