Medicinal Importance Of Herbs & Spices

Medicinal Importance Of Herbs & Spices

People need to cook with different herbs & spices regularly. It is because they not only help in making food tastier but also go a long way in enhancing your health. Making use of these ingredients regularly is not just enough. What you should work on is using several spices at one time.

Medicinal Importance Of Herbs & Spices
Medicinal Importance Of Herbs & Spices

Understanding Herbs & Spices

Spices are generally made from the roots, berries, bark, and seeds of plants, while herbs are the leaves of plants. Both can be used for flavoring different foods and recipes. However, studies conducted in this field suggest that spices and herbs come with healthy compounds that can be medicinally beneficial.

They help in reducing the damage caused to the cells of the body and in fighting inflammation. All spices and herbs available in recent times are rich in their content of phytochemicals. These are healthy plant chemicals that go a long way in safeguarding the health of an individual.

There is yet another advantage of using spices and herbs in one’s diet. Since they are highly flavorful, using them in different foods makes it easier for individuals to cut back on ingredients such as added fat, sugar, and salt.

Choosing The Right Herbs & Spices

Pills containing cinnamon extracts and oregano oil supplements are quite common across the market. Avoid taking the herbs in the form of pills until suggested by your doctor. It is always good to consume them directly instead of taking them in the form of pills and supplements.

There are no regulations on supplements, which means that capsules might not have the same amount of an ingredient that they claim to have. And yes, they might even contain unhealthy additives. Compounds in them and other foods work together towards providing different health advantages. Therefore, making the right choice should always be your priority.

Healthy Spices And Herbs

You can try different spices as well as herbs at regular intervals for figuring out the flavor and ingredient blends you like. Some standouts you can add to your daily meals include:

Chilli Peppers

They help in giving the food the right punch or kick. Whether used in powdered, dried, or fresh form, chilies help in keeping the blood vessels in perfect health and in boosting metabolism. Capsaicin is one compound that offers them their spicy flavor.

Medicinal Importance Of Herbs & Spices
Medicinal Importance Of Herbs & Spices


Cardamom is a pungent and sweet spice that helps in soothing upset stomach and in fighting inflammation. It is rich in its content of zinc and magnesium, which makes cardamom a little different from the other spices.


This sweet spice is low in its calorie content. One good thing about this spice is its inexpensiveness and sugar-free structure. You can add it to anything, even tea and coffee. It helps in fending off damage-causing free radicals and in fighting bacteria. It can also be used for doing away with inflammation.

So, now you fall ill, you can use the herbs that are mentioned above. The spices in your kitchen will also help you a lot.

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