Medicinal Plants – Are They Worth Your Efforts

Medicinal Plants Hawaii

Medicinal plants are often the most well known types of gardening in Hawaii. The island is famous for its vast variety of herbs and for their ability to provide an array of healing qualities that other plants can not match. Some plants in Hawaii are used specifically as a natural remedy for specific ailments, and there are many others that are used as ornamental plants, but the plants are so diverse that they can be used for almost anything.

The plants in Hawaii have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal properties. There are several species of plants native to the islands, and some of them have become popular for use in the United States. There are also hundreds of varieties of herbs from different parts of the world that can be found growing in tropical climates in Hawaii.

Historical Plants

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The most popular plants in Hawaii are ones that have a history of being used for medicinal purposes. They include such plants as ginger, echinacea, kava, and eucalyptus. All of these plants have been used for a variety of different ailments, and all of them are found growing in Hawaiian gardens.

The kava plant is also native to Hawaii, and it has become extremely popular as a natural herbal remedy. This plant was actually used as a drink in ancient Greece, but today it is widely used in the Pacific Northwest and the south as an herb for relaxation and for helping people fight anxiety. It is now grown in many parts of the United States and is also used for pain relief in cancer patients.


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Kava also has a reputation as a powerful stimulant, and it is often used to treat hypertension in Hawaii. While it can produce this effect, the majority of research has shown that Java works best as a natural herbal treatment for treating mild to moderate hypertension. Many doctors in Hawaii recommend that their patients take kava supplements every day as a preventative measure against developing high blood pressure.

The eucalyptus plant is another well-known plant in Hawaii. It is native to Australia, but it has made its way into Hawaii due to its ability to act as a vasodilator, which helps to open up the vessels that carry blood to the heart. Eucalyptus provides this effect by creating small amounts of relaxation in the blood vessels.

Last Words

It is possible for Hawaii gardening enthusiasts to be successful in growing their own medicinal plants. With a little bit of dedication, research, and some creativity, a person can successfully grow a garden full of exotic plants for their personal use and enjoyment. For those who are interested in planting medicinal plants, it is best to do your research ahead of time, because it is possible to find a variety of plants to plant that are already grown in Hawaii gardens.

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