Natural Remedy To Protect From Runny Nose


A runny nose is a common problem that comes with time and can be controlled by Natural Remedy. It usually occurs with us during the winter, when we are not able to breathe as well as usual due to cold weather. This is also called sinus congestion. This can be caused by several things, including allergies, infections, and even excess dust and debris around our house.

When this yellow mucus is pressed against the soft tissue in the nose, it becomes blocked and will then form a thick film on the surface of the mucus. This yellow-colored mucus is actually a viral infection that you may have acquired from other people’s sneezes.

Natural Remedy Does Not Have Side Effects

The virus may enter your nasal passages through a bite from lice or an animal. You should try to avoid scratching your nose and the affected area because this will only worsen the situation.

Allergy symptoms usually develop one or two days after the mucus coating has been created. Most people get some relief during the first few days of infection, but sometimes, more severe symptoms have been triggered by this symptom. This is the reason why it is important to take action early.


The main symptom that a person will feel after a runny nose is irritation of the throat. There is a small amount of fluid that is formed below the surface of the mucus. This irritates the throat and can cause feelings of discomfort and also itchiness.

If the swelling is not treated in a timely manner, there will be greater chances of the airway opening up in the nose, which will allow more mucus to flow out of the nasal passages. This will further worsen the situation and people will feel difficulty in breathing. This is because the blocked nasal passages do not allow enough oxygen to reach the lungs.

There are many home remedies for runny noses, such as applying ice to the nose or mouth. As a matter of fact, inhaling cold air is another method to help treat this condition. As a natural remedy for runny nose, a cloth dipped in hot water and strained to remove the mucus is said to be effective.

Apply the cloth to the nasal area and warm it up for at least fifteen minutes. You can also use alcohol, such as food aid, which is the most popular flavor among people.

Natural Remedy Protects The Body

Another natural remedy for a runny nose is drinking warm milk. Milk contains many nutrients that will help the body flush out the mucus out. When applying this remedy, it is important to prevent it from getting into the mouth.

Natural Remedy To Protect From Runny Nose
Natural Remedy To Protect From Runny Nose

Also, use a humidifier, since these cool the air that is causing the mucus to form. As a final note, one should avoid artificial light, especially at night, because this will cause headaches.

For the best results, make sure to apply cold air to the nose before going to bed. Other home remedies for runny nose include vinegar and peppermint oil.


Artificial remedies like nose drops are also available. However, it is wise to consult your doctor if you are currently suffering from a serious case of a runny nose.

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