How To Treat Low Amniotic Fluid Naturally

Nature Remedies To Treat Low Amniotic Fluid

A decrease in the volume of amniotic fluid is medically termed as Oligohydramnios. Amniotic fluid is clear slightly yellowish fluid surrounding your baby, the baby floats on amniotic fluid. It helps baby move in the womb allowing proper overall growth. Keeps a constant temperature around the baby and protect him by cushioning him from any external shocks.But, by 20 weeks around the primary element is baby’s urine. Doctors can measure the amniotic fluid Index (AFI) through ultrasound, amniotic fluid of level 8-18 cms is considered normal range; below 5cms requires immediate medical attention. Though Oligohydramnios can occur at any stage of pregnancy, it is most common in the final trimester of pregnancy. There are some remedie suggestion.

Symptoms Of Low Amniotic Fluid:

  1. Your baby bump appears smaller than expected.
  2. Ultrasound can measure the amniotic fluid level in the amniotic sac. By measuring the depth of the largest pocket of amniotic fluid in your womb.
  3. The decrease in your baby’s activity. There should be at least 12 -14 movements recorded in a day post 27 weeks of pregnancy. A decline in movements should be reported. As that could be due to a decrease in amniotic fluid and needs immediate medical attention.
Nature Remedies To Treat Low Amniotic Fluid
Nature Remedies To Treat Low Amniotic Fluid


  1. Pregnancy complications: Factors such as high or low blood pressure, dehydration, diabetes, chronic hypoxia. May influence the levels of amniotic fluids in your womb.
  2. Tear in Membrane: A trickle of fluid that occurs due to a tear in the membrane. A premature rupture of the membrane can take her to
  3. Post Due- date: Pregnancy that goes beyond 39 weeks requires constant monitoring. As it is most common for the amniotic fluid to leak to decrease at this stage. Due to a decline in placental functions.

Natural Remedie To Treat Oligohydramnios

Following are the natural ways to increase amniotic fluid levels:

  1. Increase your fluid intake have 15 to 20 glasses of water every day. It is the simplest way to upsurge the fluid levels by staying hydrated. Water will not only help you increase the amniotic fluid level but also help in digestion
  2. Consume fruits that are high in water content. A remarkable way to stay hydrated with added vitamins and minerals is water content rich fruits and vegetables

Vegetables like Cucumber,  iceberg lettuce, celery,  radishes,  spinach,  green peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and baby products. Fruits such as watermelon, muskmelon, tomatoes, star fruit, grapefruit and cantaloupe

  • When you lie on your left side, your blood flows more freely and smoothly through our blood vessels. Zit supplies more blood and nutrients to the baby
  • Avoid alcohol, its big no-no; if you are pregnant then it is best to refrain from using any kind of alcohol.
Nature Remedies To Treat Low Amniotic Fluid
Nature Remedies To Treat Low Amniotic Fluid

Artificial Ways

  1. IV – In this progress additionally. Intravenous fluid is injected in your body to help increase the fluid levels on the insides.
  2. Aminofusion – a regular saline solution is inserted in amniotic fluid sac by a catheter. This will bring an increase in amniotic fluids  levels providing extra padding for your baby
  3. Injection of fluid through amniocentesis
  4. Maternal rehydration with oral fluids.


Water plays a major role in our life. 80% of our body comprises of water hence to prevent a decrease in amniotic fluid levels. It is very important to stay hydrated. Include coconut water and fruit juices in your daily diet. During pregnancy having all the food in moderation is the key and rest well as your body is working hard to develop and nourish your baby. Give it proper rest to function well.

Low amniotic fluid is a serious condition. If you have any concerns or doubts discuss the same with your gynecologist and record your baby bump size every month.

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