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Every family needs food, shelter and care for their four legged creatures and that is why many people today have turned to making their own natural and herbal dog food. When more pets are lost each year to death from sickness or old age, the need for pet food companies becomes even more urgent.

Most of us have either the time or money to buy commercial pet food which can be full of chemicals and preservatives. What we fail to realise is that these same preservatives and chemicals have been proven to cause a number of health problems for both humans and our pets.

An Overview

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The rise in cat and dog deaths can be blamed on a variety of factors. Many owners have begun to feed their pets table scraps rather than commercial pet food because they believe it tastes better. It has also been noticed that many of the latest fads in pet care and grooming are foods that are not commercially available. Some of these animal essentials that have been rising in popularity include organic dog treats and cat treats. However, what many owners do not realise is that organic pet food may actually be better for their pets than the cheap commercial brands. And if you decide to give your dog or cat the best of what nature has to offer, then they will always thank you for it.

Humans have been caring for animals since time immemorial. And we have always done it by hand, using specialised equipment to tender the animal. Today, all of this manual labour is being replaced by machines, which many claim offers a more humane way of dealing with animals. However, the question is do these new devices really make the pet food that we are feeding our pets any better? And if so, why?

Top Alternative

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Many believe that by giving pet food made from whole natural ingredients, that we are providing better nutrition for the animals themselves. However, the process of making such food can actually be very dangerous for both humans and the animals they are eating. First and foremost, the process requires animal flesh. Not only does this mean that the animal must die before the food is cooked into something edible, but some of the parts are not edible at all, such as the blood, liver and heart. So, by choosing to feed your four legged friend a dish of raw meat that has been prepared by someone who might not necessarily be a skilled chef, is not only putting the life of the animal in danger, but also puts you, your family and especially your children at risk.

The ingredients that go into making commercially available pet food are anything but healthy. It is common knowledge that over processed foods are full of chemicals and other undesirable substances that can cause a number of different health problems, not just in humans but also in our four legged friends. However, it is not just commercially available products that are laden with chemicals that would cause ill effects on pets. Many well known brands will use chemicals to make them taste better and to colour their food. This can be very dangerous for pets that have a sensitive palate and for those animals that might not be able to eat anything that tastes nice. When shopping for pet food, look for a brand that is manufactured locally.

Great Diet

When shopping for pet food always look for a label that states if it is vegetarian or not. Many of the pet foods being marketed today are meat based. By choosing vegetarian alternatives you can ensure that your pet is getting the nutrients that they need. In addition to being healthier, it will also help to improve the quality of the life that your animal goes through. In some cases, a sick pet might end up having to be put to sleep because of the treatments that are being administered for their illness. The safer that the food is that your pet is eating, the more likely they are to live a longer and happier life.

As consumers we have the opportunity to make some significant changes to the way that we treat our animals and to improve the lives of our pets. If the animal essentials that you have purchased are filled with chemicals that could be harming the animal in question, you may want to take that product back and try a different brand. The herbal, green alternative that you have selected for your pet may not contain any harmful chemicals. There are plenty of companies that produce quality products that do not use harmful chemicals in their pet food.


The better the food that you provide your pet with, the happier and healthier they will be. Your pet is an important part of your family and deserves to be fed the best quality food that they can eat. By choosing a pet food that is healthy, you will also find that your pet will have a better quality of life. When a pet is experiencing any type of chronic condition, it is best to seek medical attention immediately. By providing them with the herbal green alternatives that you have chosen for your pet, you will help them be able to live a much longer and happier life.

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