Some Bad Habits That Cause Arthritis

Some Bad Habits That Cause Arthritis

Arthritis is a medical condition that is caused due to pain in inflamed joints as well as its surrounding joints. This medical condition can lead to chronic pain in the joints of the patients. Moreover, it can hamper with normal day to day working of the patients as well. There are many reasons causing arthritis.

Bad Habits Causing Arthritis

Yes, there are obviously some medical conditions which lead to arthritis. However, there are some habits which can also lead to the said problem. Let us read about them in detail.

Some Bad Habits That Cause Arthritis
Some Bad Habits That Cause Arthritis


Overweight people are more likely to develop arthritis as compared to people who are lean. as per recent research, every extra pound that you are weighing is going to be a burden on your organs and joints. moreover, accumulated fat in the body also secretes inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals are also known to increase the risk of chronic joint pains.

High Heels

Wearing high heels puts extra stress on your joints. Moreover, these joints can strain your muscles and can even throw your back out of proper alignment. in addition, your thigh muscles have to work really hard to make your knees straight. thus, women who are in the habit of wearing high heels do increase their risk of developing arthritis.

Unsupportive Shoes

Footwear plays an imperative role in keeping your body in shape and out of pain. Thus, when you wear ill-fitted, unsupportive footwear, you increase the risk of developing arthritis. moreover, if you are sporty, try to wear footwear which can provide proper support to your foot.

Some Bad Habits That Cause Arthritis
Some Bad Habits That Cause Arthritis

Texting With Thumb

With an increased use of texting apps, you will find many people using their thumbs for the process. However, when you overuse your thumb for texting, you give an invite to arthritis. Texting puts the thumb in an awkward position and even irritates the tendons.

Cracking Those Knuckles

Believe it or not but cracking those knuckles can also lead to the said medical problem. The sound that emerges from this act is due to the snapping of ligaments against bones. Though it is not the direct cause of arthritis but it can lead to swelling of hands.

Arthritis: Making Use Of Wrong Muscles

There are both large and small muscles in your body. However, when you use small muscles, it leads to unnecessary stress on your joints. Moreover, bending your knees in the right position can also improve the chances of having arthritis.

Arthritis: No Stretching Of Muscles

There are some people who do not do any kind of stretching exercise. However, stretching can lead to improved flexibility in joints. This is the reason why doctors recommend stretching exercises before you start a workout. In addition, stretching exercises also boost good inflow of blood in muscles.

Sleeping On Your Stomach

People who sleep on their stomach also increase their chances of developing arthritis. The reason is that people who sleep on their stomachs have to keep their heads and neck to their sides. This leads to stress on nerves and may lead to muscular cramps.

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