StP Medicinal Products Overview

stp medicinal products

STP medicinal products are the generic term for the medicines that contain a stereoscope instead of a letter. A Stem cell is a piece of DNA which retains the genetic information for a living cell. A Stem cell can be manufactured in a lab from sperm and bone marrow. Stem cells are basically used as a template for other cells and grow and multiply to form the complete structure of the body.

The Use of Stem Cells in Medical Products

STP medicinal products have come to popularity in the last decade. There are many pharmaceutical companies, which manufacture these products. This makes it possible to obtain the medicine from generic companies for a fraction of its cost. Hence, it becomes easy to purchase the same branded medicine at a much lesser price from the generic company.

Stem cells can also be produced from an adult bone marrow, which is not only capable of generating Stem Cells but also of forming bone and teeth. These cells can be made use of in the manufacturing of artificial joints. This method of producing the Stem Cells is called Brilliography. Brilliography has been found very efficient and useful in the field of cosmetic surgery. There are several pharmaceutical companies that focus on research and development of new Stem Cell Manufacturers. They also make sure that their product is compatible with all types of Stem Cell producing cells.

Popular Medicines

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Some of the popular STP medicinal products include Belladonna, GenF20, Gefilte, Herbalife, plasma, Kiddics, Mitoxantrone, Opiaphilus and Progesterone. These medicines are produced by the pharmaceutical companies by combining two or more active ingredients that have the potential to fight against common diseases. The main constituents of these medicines include the following ingredients which are mentioned below. These ingredients have the potential to fight against common diseases and increase the rate of growth of Stem Cells in the body.

Brinson’s Extract

This is one of the main constituents of these medicines. The Brinson’s Extract is a lipophilic molecule that easily enters the cell’s cell walls and triggers cell growth. It helps in controlling blood glucose level in the body.


It controls the secretion of certain hormones. It also controls the rate of cell proliferation. It helps in reducing pain and inflammation in the body. Hyoscyamus is usually present in decongestants. This will make the blood flow easier and thus aiding in reducing congestion and pain.

Aloe Vera

These medicines are rich in healing properties. It contains saponins that have strong cell-growth-stimulating effects and hence it has been used since ancient times for stimulating the growth of hair and for curing wounds and cuts.

St. John’s Wort is one of the most common ingredients of St. Johns Wort medicinal products. It can be found in most of the St. John’s Wort products sold in the market. A study has shown that St. John’s Wort contains ingredients that can help in the treatment of psychiatric conditions like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, and other related disorders. It also helps in reducing the symptoms of migraine and helps in relaxation.


It is extracted from the DHEA glands of an adult human by means of extraction process. The extract is mixed with amino acids and other chemicals to convert it into a usable product. It can be used as a replacement therapy for hypoglycemia in people who do not produce sufficient supply of growth hormone for normal growth. It is helpful in people who experience sudden growth spurt especially during childhood. It is believed to be a useful ingredient for people who suffer from low testosterone levels.


It is extracted from Japanese roots and is commonly used in various kinds of St. John’s wort remedies. It works by increasing the amount of growth hormone in the body by blocking the secretion of oxytocin by neurons in the brain. Studies show that this medicine can stimulate the growth of brain cells, but the research is still in progress. Its effect on reducing symptoms of menopause is not clear.


It is another important ingredient in St. John’s wort medicine. Research has shown that this herb can increase the ratio of new neurons produced by the body. It can stimulate the growth of cells and improve the health of the nerve cells that are damaged by age or disease. Alzheimer’s patients are prescribed Ashwagandha. This medicine is believed to slow down the progression of the disease. It is often used to reduce stress, manage pain and improve memory.


St. John’s wort is considered a safe herbal remedy because it has few side effects. However, you should consult with your doctor before using it. St. John’s wort can cause some serious side effects if you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medicines. If you have a lung disease, asthma or heart condition, you should avoid using any of the St. John’s wort medicinal products. Consult your doctor for more information.

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