The Usefulness And Importance of Identification of Medicinal Products

identification of medicinal products

Identification of medicinal products is the international standard for the description and identification of medicinal products internationally. There are a total of five international standards to regulate this and are helpful in many ways. The standard ensures the development, life cycle, pharmacovigilance, and risk management of the medicinal products.


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The identification of medicinal products uniquely helps in the improvement and maintenance of pharmacovigilance. The harmonized definitions of products help in the quality of data sets used in the safety signals. Pharmacovigilance ensures that the medicines are of high quality and is safe to use.


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With the help of the identification of medicinal products the data relating to the medicines can be communicated effectively with the companies globally. Both companies and regulatory bodies will get the data and this is important for the safety and generalization of the medicines. IDMP is highly beneficial for submissions and there are many other hidden benefits also.

Clinical Trials

The set standards of the medicines in all aspects help the investigators and the regulatory bodies to improve assessment and evaluations of the medicines and this helps in improving the quality of the medicines. Assessment is of vital importance as it ensures that the medicines are manufactured properly and the ingredients are up to the mark and without problems.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Manufacturing site inspections are important and vital as it helps in following stricter guidelines and promoting fairness in the practice and distribution of medicines. Manufacturing is an important factor in the phase of the medicinal life cycle and it is where all the ingredients are added in the right proportion. Identification of medicinal products ensures good manufacturing practice.

IDMP Standards

The IDMP standards are necessary to manufacture the right medicines in the right proportion. IDMP standards help in following universally good practice of communicating the data related to the medicines to the appropriate parties and also in making sure that the medicines are made in an ethical and safe manner. IDMP standards are the most important standards in the medical industry.

IDMP Assessment

The assessment of IDMP is based on factors such as availability, uniqueness, accuracy, and completeness. Accurate data is provided which helps in manufacturing the right medicines. It helps in making the system secure and authentic. All the complete details are provided by the IDMP to make sure that the medicines are without any problem and can be used securely without any hesitation.


Identification of medicinal products is an international standard followed for the regulation and effectiveness of the medicines. IDMP makes sure that all the data relating to the product are given to the regulatory bodies to make everything clear and transparent. IDMP has made it easy for countries to distribute and trust medicines and avail them to the public. The standard has grown over the years.

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