Common Medicinal Herbs

Top 6 Common Medicinal Herbs And Their Benefits

The term medicinal herbs include a lot of different types of plants that are used in herbology. It is the use of plants for some medicinal purposes. This word came from the Latin word named ‘Herba.’ It refers to any part of the plant, from roots to flowers. In ancient days, it was not only applied to plants that don’t have trees and shrubs. Some of the common medicinal herbs can be used as food, medicine, flavonoids, perfumes, and many more.

Common Medicinal Herbs:


Chamomile is one of the most ancient common medicinal herbs. It helps in soothing relaxation and anxiety. Although it uses in healing some wounds, reduces inflammation or swelling. Many of the researchers say that there are many more advantages to medical purposes. It causes a high level of medicine to some of the people. Even chamomile increases drowsiness. These leaves are used in oils and tea.


Garlic helps in keeping away some unwanted diseases. Usually, garlic plant is excellent in fighting infections and aids with cholesterol. Eating garlic is right for your overall health. It helps in preventing heart diseases and improves the digestion system. It lowers blood pressure and prevents some degenerative diseases.

Marigold; One Of The Most Common Medicinal Herbs

Top 6 Common Medicinal Herbs And Their Benefits
Top 6 Common Medicinal Herbs And Their Benefits

The scientific name of the marigold is tagetes. They are fragrant plants that can turn in improving some health problems. Not only these plants can make you healthy but also helps in keeping away the insects from you. These flowers are having a lot of antioxidants, therefore helps in soothing skin diseases. Marigold strengthens eyes and treats pains and infections in ears. These marigold flowers can extract oil. It uses commonly in some oils, tea and for garnishing some dishes.


The scientific name of parsley is Petroselinum crispum. Most of the people use parsley for garnishing some dishes. It also helps in supporting the immune system and digestive problems. Parsley is the most common medicinal herbs that help in relieving swollen belly. It is having high levels of antioxidants and other compounds that help in fighting bad breath in your body. It even creates a juice for tea.

Sage; Most Common Medicinal Herbs

The scientific name of the sage plant is Salvia Officinalis. It is just another common medicinal herb that helps in supporting memory. It is a well-known plant that helps in diabetes, which lowers glucose levels. It is a popular plant that serves in many dishes. Sage leaves can help in improving the skin health and digestive system. It even strengthens the immune system as it is rich in antioxidants. These sage leaves commonly used in brewing tea and can extract oil.

Common Medicinal Herbs: Basil

Top 6 Common Medicinal Herbs And Their Benefits
Top 6 Common Medicinal Herbs And Their Benefits

The scientific name for the basil plant is Ocimum Basilicum. It is one of the common medicinal herbs that help in combating ailments. Basil considers as one of the sacred plants in some countries. Another name for basil is tulsi. There are many minerals and vitamins in basil. It uses in teas, garnishing, and ointments. It helps in reducing stress and boosts the immunity system. It also helps in boosting metabolism and strengthening bones and liver. Basil helps in improving the digestive system as it is a rich source of antioxidants.

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